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BizVox Communications offers a variety of service plans and all of our lines are mix-and-match, meaning you can build the best phone plan for your small- or medium-sized business. We also sell a large range of cost-effective IP phones from the most trusted names in the industry, like Cisco, Polycom, and Panasonic. Our customers matter and we strive to provide exceptional service while saving you money. At BizVox we believe that as your business grows, your VoIP plans should be able to grow with you. BizVox Communications offers small business phone service with competitive VoIP pricing so that you can afford to start small, and add on lines as your business expands. We will even lock in your rate including taxes and fees for the lifetime of your agreement with us, no fine print! Your local telephone company cannot make this guarantee!

Hosted PBX

Wouldn’t you like a phone system that makes your life easier, allows you to manage your employees and clients more efficiently and in most cases, reduces your monthly cost of ownership? BizVox’s hosted PBX can make all of this possible!

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PBX Trunks

Are you seeing increasing bills and decreasing customer service from your local phone company? The big providers are not focused on helping you build your business. Eliminate your constant frustration with BizVox’s PBX trunks.

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If you’re starting from the ground up, or if you’re looking to purchase additional business VoIP system phones or routers as your company grows, we’ve got you covered. Check out our vast selection of business phones and much more!

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Whether you are unsatisfied with your current internet service provider or simply want to know your options without the frustration of calling every carrier in your area, BizVox can help. Our experienced consultants will review your needs and shop the market for you.

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